How To Convert Kick Scooter To Electric (Guide)

If you have tired of kicking your way along on your scooter or simply want a more efficient way to get around, then you may be considering an electric scooter.

However, electric scooters are not cheap, and if you already have a scooter, then it makes more sense to convert it into an electric one. I know that’s why you have searched for how to convert kick scooter to electric.

With a few simple and inexpensive modifications, you can turn your scooter into an electric one, and in this article, we will show you how.

So let’s get started.

How to convert kick scooter to electric

How to convert kick scooter to electric

Below is a step-by-step process with everything you will need to turn your regular scooter into an electric one.

Step 1: Remove the handlebars

The first thing you need to do is remove the handlebars of your existing kick scooter. This is because we will replace them with new electric handlebars with all the necessary controls for an electric scooter, including hand brakes and throttle.

To remove the handlebars, simply unscrew the bolts that hold them in place using a wrench or a screwdriver.

Step 2: Install the motor

Now it’s time to install the motor. Going for a brushless DC motor is advisable as they are more efficient, last longer, and is less noisy.

You can also add three CIM motors for more power.

To install the motor, remove the rear wheel of your scooter by unscrewing the bolts that hold it in place.

Next, take the motor and fix it to the scooter frame using screws and nuts. Make sure that the motor is securely fixed in place.

Now, reattach the rear wheel to the scooter frame.

Step 3: Attach the throttle & adjust the brakes

The next step is connecting the motor wire to the throttle.

Electric scooters come with a twist throttle, making it easy to control the scooter’s speed. Simply twist the throttle to make the scooter go faster or slower.

First, remove the handgrip from the left handlebar to connect the throttle using a wrench or a screwdriver.

Next, take the wire from the motor and attach it to the throttle. Make sure that the connection is secure.

Now, reattach the handgrip to the handlebar.

You will also need to adjust the brakes as electric scooters have a higher top speed than regular scooters. To adjust the brakes, loosen the screws that hold the brake pads in place and move them closer to the wheel’s rim.

Step 4: Attach the battery & controller

The next step is to attach the battery and controller.

Electric scooters typically use lithium-ion batteries as they are lightweight and have a long life.

If you’ve no idea about batteries, we would recommend eight lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 5000 mAh of each battery.

To attach the battery, flip the scooter over so you can access the underside of the scooter deck.

Next, take the battery and fix it to the scooter using screws and nuts. Make sure that the battery is securely fixed in place.

Take the controller and fix it on the scooter using screws and nuts. Again, make sure that the controller is securely fixed in place.

Step 5: Test it out

After converting your kick scooter to electric, it’s time to take it for a test ride.

Simply twist the throttle and see how it feels. If everything is working as it should, congratulations, you have successfully converted your kick scooter to electric!

However, if you experience any problems, we recommend taking it to a local electric scooter shop for a checkup.

Tip: If you’re confused about what things to buy, you can get a complete kit that includes everything you need to convert your kick scooter to electric. These kits are easily available online; in most cases, they come with detailed instructions on installing them.

You can also read how to teach a toddler to ride a scooter.


We hope this guide has reached you on how to convert kick scooter to electric one.

Electric scooters are a great way to commute as they are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

So if you’re tired of kicking your scooter, then follow the steps above and enjoy the convenience of an electric scooter!

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