How Much Does An Electric Scooter Weigh?

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly transportation option, but the weight of an electric scooter can sometimes be a deciding factor when it comes to purchasing one.

Whatever scooter you choose, it’s important to consider how much it weighs to ensure you’re getting the best option for your needs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how much an electric scooter weighs and why it’s an important factor to consider. Let’s clear all the related doubts.

How Much Does an Electric Scooter weigh

How Much Does An Electric Scooter Weigh?

The weight of an electric scooter can vary depending on the battery size, motor, build quality, and type of scooter you choose. In General, electric scooter weight ranges from 15 to 50 pounds and might go up to 100 pounds depending scooter you choose.

Most electric scooters used for commuting have a weight between 15 to 35 pounds. Electric scooters that are used for off-roading or all-terrain riding usually weigh around 35 to 50 pounds or even more.

Heavy-duty or high-performance electric scooters can weigh up to 100 pounds because of the powerful big-size motor and large battery.

If you just want a lightweight scooter that you can easily carry around or a heavy-duty scooter that can handle more weight, you should know the difference between scooters. Below are some common types of electric scooters and their weights.

Types Of Electric Scooter & Weight

There are 3 main types of electric scooters:

Kick Scooter: Kick scooters are the lightest option and typically weigh around 15–20 pounds. This is human-powered and doesn’t actually have an electric motor, so they are generally lighter than other electric scooters. Check here if you know more benefits of kick scooters.

Commuting Scooter: Commuting scooters are available with both human-powered and electric motors. The ones with an electric motor are typically around 25–30 pounds, while the human-powered versions are heavy and weigh between 20-25 pounds. So you can choose one according to your needs.

Electric Scooter: Electric scooters are the heaviest type of electric scooter and can weigh up to 50 pounds or even more, depending on the battery size and motor. The more range and power you need, the heavier your electric scooter will be.

Why Does Electric Scooter Weight Matter?

As of now, you’ve seen how much an electric scooter weighs, but why it’s important? Well, the weight of your electric scooter can affect a lot of things. Here are some of the most important factors to consider:

Portability: The main issue with heavier electric scooters is portability. A heavy electric scooter can be difficult to carry around, especially if you have to take them up or down stairs or even if you have to carry them when not riding.

So, if you’re traveling a lot, you’ll want to make sure that your electric scooter is lightweight and easy to transport.

Control: If your electric scooter is too heavy or too light, it can affect your ability to control and maneuver the scooter. Hence, for proper control and balance, choosing an electric scooter with an appropriate weight for your size and strength is important.

Battery Life: The heavier the scooter, the more power it will consume and, thus shorter battery life. So if you don

Electricity & Battery Life: Heavier electric scooters consume more power and thus, have a shorter battery life than lighter ones. So if you want to maximize your range and get the most out of your battery, you need a light electric scooter.

Speed: When it comes to speed, a heavy electric scooter will go faster because it has more power. However, it will require more energy to maintain that speed, reducing your scooter’s range.

These are some of the important factors to consider when choosing an electric scooter. So make sure to identify your needs and choose the appropriate electric scooter.

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What is the weight of electric scooters?

A. Electric scooter weight ranges from 15 to 50 pounds and may go up to 100 pounds depending on the type of scooter you choose.

How much does the lightest scooter weigh?

A. The lightest scooter typically weighs around 15–20 pounds, which is the kick scooter with no electric motor or battery.

How much does a decent one electric scooter weigh?

A. A decent electric scooter typically weighs between 25–50 pounds, depending on its motor and battery size.

Are electric scooters heavy?

A. In comparison to kick scooters, electric scooters are heavier because they have an electric motor and battery, which add weight.

Are electric scooters lightweight?

A. Electric scooters are quite heavy compared to other types of scooters. However, some electric scooters are lightweight and suitable for portability, ranging around 30 pounds.

How much does a razor scooter weigh?

A. Razor scooters typically weigh between 20–30 pounds, depending on your chosen type and model.


An electric scooter can be a great means of transportation, but it’s important to consider the weight before buying one.

The size of the battery and motor will determine how much it weighs, so make sure to choose one that is suitable for your need.

Also, consider portability and battery life when choosing the right electric scooter for you. Hopefully, this article has given you some insight into how much an electric scooter weighs.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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