How Do I Keep My Electric Scooter From Being Stolen?

Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular but can also be an easy target for thieves.

A scooter can be a big investment, and losing it to theft can be costly. Whether at home, school/college, office or on the go, it’s important to protect your scooter and ensure you don’t become a victim of theft.

If you’re searching for how do I keep my electric scooter from being stolen, then this blog post is for you. Here we shared some tips to prevent your e-scooter from being stolen.

How Do I Keep My electric scooter from being stolen?

How Do I Keep My Electric Scooter From Being Stolen?

There are several ways to ensure your electric scooter stays safe and secure. No matter where you leave it, you can minimize the theft risk with the below guide and tips.

1. Keep It With You

One of the best ways to protect your scooter from being stolen is to always keep it with you. Don’t leave your scooter outside when you go inside to school, office, or store.

Nowadays, most electric scooters come with a foldable design, which makes them easy to carry and store.

So you can take permission from the authorities to carry your electric scooter with you and store it in class or the office.

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2. Always Lock Your Scooter

Another best way to protect your e-scooter is to lock it when you’re not with it. There are different types of scooter-designed locks available in the market.

Below are all the different types of locks that you can use to secure your e-scooter:

U Lock

If you want the most secure lock, then U Lock is the best choice. It’s designed to attach your scooter frame or wheel to an immovable object or pole.

These locks are not easy to cut and can provide high security. It can be cu only through a power tool or bolt cutter, which is impossible for a thief to carry everywhere, especially in the day.

You can get this lock from your local stores or order them online from Amazon.

Cuff Lock

If you’re looking for a more flexible and easy-to-use lock, the cuff is the best choice. These locks are easy to use, but unusual designs can make thieves uncomfortable, and hopefully, they will move on.

Chain Lock

A chain Lock is another great option to secure your e-scooter. It’s flexible and easy to carry. Chain locks are made of high-quality steel with a rubber or plastic cover which helps protect your scooter’s finish. And also make it difficult to cut for a thief.

Cable lock

If you’re looking lightweight and easy-to-carry lock, then a cable lock is the best. These locks are made of steel with a keyed lock or combination lock. However, we would not recommend this for high security because the cable can be easily cut using tools.

So you can consider cable lock as an additional security.

Disc Lock

Disc locks are used to block the wheels, especially the rear wheel. It’s made of high security and not easy to cut.

This lock is used to stop the wheels from spinning, making it difficult for thieves to steal the scooter. If you’re using this lock, make sure to use it with other locks for better security because a thief might carry the scooter away.

Folding Lock

A folding lock is another lightweight and easy-to-use lock that you can consider for your scooter. You can use this lock in combination with other locks or low theft areas.

3. Anti Theft Alarm

If you’re looking for a more advanced and secure option, then an anti-theft alarm is the best choice. Now there are different types of anti-theft alarms available in the market which you buy and install on your e-scooter. Also, some locks have a built-in alarm that will trigger when someone tries to cut the locks or steal your scooter.

These anti-theft alarms will sound a loud siren when someone tries to break the locks, making it difficult for thieves to steal your scooter.

4. Install Tracking Device

You can also install a tracking device like GPS which will help you to track your scooter if it is stolen. These devices come with different features and alert systems, so you can keep an eye on your scooter even when you’re not with it.

5. Put the Scooter Under CCTV Surveillance

If you park your scooter in a public area, then make sure to put it under CCTV surveillance. This will make it difficult for thieves to steal your scooter because they know they are being watched.

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Q. How do I make sure my scooter doesn’t get stolen?

Answer: To ensure your scooter doesn’t get stolen, you should always lock it using a high-quality lock, park it in a secure area, use an anti-theft alarm and tracking device, and put it under CCTV surveillance.

Q. Are electric scooters easily stolen?

Answer: Electric scooters can be easily stolen if they are not properly secured and protected. Theif can steal it easily by cutting the locks or taking away your vehicle if it’s not locked. Electric scooters are expensive, so it’s important to take proper safety measures.

Q. What happens if your electric scooter gets stolen?

Answer: If your electric scooter gets stolen, you should immediately contact the police and file a report with them. You should also check if your scooter were insured so you can get a replacement. Finally, if you’re using a tracking device, it will be easier to track your scooter and hopefully get it back.

Q. How safe is it to lock an electric scooter?

Answer: Locking an electric scooter is safe if you use a high-quality lock like U lock, and make sure to secure it in a safe area.


An electric scooter is an expensive investment, and it’s important to take proper safety measures in order to keep it safe from potential theft.

You should always use locks and alarm systems in combination with other security measures like CCTV surveillance and tracking devices. This will help you to keep your electric scooter safe from any potential theft or damage.

I hope your query about how do I keep my electric scooter from being stolen is answered through this blog post. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any other questions.

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